Look 4 Less: Taylor Swift Floral Dress

Taylor Swift

I absolutely loved Taylor Swifts outfit in this photo! It’s super girly, flirty and cute! It was daring of her to pair two florals together, but I think she pulled it off perfectly. As soon as I saw this, I knew I wanted to recreate this look Keep reading for how I did it!
Taylor Swift Inspired

Forever 21 strapless dress
$28 – forever21.com
Though her dress (by Rebecca Taylor) was more flowy at the bottom with corset top, I’d definitely say this was a good match! And a better price! I think this dress is so versatile as well. I can totally picture myself wearing it with some cowboy boots, or a fringe bag, or for a more edgier look, a leather jacket!

$25 – target.com
A white cardigan is definitely required in every fashion junkies closet. It can be changed up in so many different ways! Here’s a standard one from Target, that’s loose with 3/4 sleeves like the one Taylor’s wearing.

Strappy sandals
$60 – dsw.com
I absolutely adore Taylor’s sea green shoes by Suran. The rest of the outfit is more pastel toned, but the shoes are a needed bright pop of color! Though not cheap, I think these shoes from DSW match almost perfectly! Definitely something on my wishlist…

Kimchi Blue cross body handbag
$25 – urbanoutfitters.com
Taylor’s bag, from what I could see, looked so cute, I googled it for more details. It turns out that that it’s byGerard Darel, and is his Floral Besace Pom Bag. Unfortunately (but expected), it’s way out of my price range, and even worse, after searching the web for an hour, there are no look alikes! Finally I had to settle on this one from Urban Outfitters, which is cute but not as cute! I’m not completely happy with the matching, but Taylor’s purse and dress weren’t that well matched either, and that’s what gave it an effortless look.

Her necklace, by Ted Baker, was so pretty! With all the jewelry at Forever 21, you’d think it would be easy to find a big bow necklace. After about a half hour of searching I finally settled on this one from American Eagle Outfitters. Again, not my first choice, but it’ll do.
What do you think of this country singer’s outfit? Comment down below, as well as what you’d pair the dress with!
Taylor Swift (image and info) courtesy of here. Collage was created by me, courtesy of Polyvore.


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