How To Style: 3 Outfits to Glam Up A Plain White Tee

Mossimo Supply Co. Juniors Scoop Neck Tee - Assorted Colors.Opens in a new window

You know those days, the ones where all we want to throw on is a plain shirt? But then there’s that voice at the back of your head telling you how unattractive that is. Well who says you can’t turn that plain tee into an outfit set for the runway? Keep reading to see 3 different affordable ways on how you can style a plain white tee to be comfortable and keep the compliments coming…

The tee pictured above is from Target for $6 and is what is shown in the pictures below. You can use any tee shirt, but make sure it’s somewhat form fitting.

Outfit #1 : Casual Cute

How cute does that T-shirt look now? I’ve disguised it under a zig-zagged, multi color scarf from Forever 21($10). And to keep the colors coming, I’ve picked out two bright shorts (perfect for the neon trend like I mentioned in this post) to go with it. Both from Abercrombie & Fitch the orange shorts (aka the Madeline, $54) add a nice fun pop and bring out the orange in the scarf. The pink ones (aka The Harper, $54) are made for the girly girls but also provide a nice bright color to the outfit. As for the shoes, those feet can stay nice and comfy in these metallic sandals from Forever 21 ($20). To match the detailing on the sandals, I’ve picked out  gold jewelry  from Forever 21. These tribal patterend bangles ($6) are going to add just enough more flair to the outfit. And, as a wise woman once said, you can’t let those ears go naked! These simple gold earrings ($4) are perfect.

Outfit #2: Stylish & Sophisticated

So this time, instead of disguising the tee, we’re going take all the attention away from it! I’m doing this, by pairing it with this gorgeous mint (see post) high-low hemline skirt from Pacsun (Price is not clear on the site, I believe it’s $17). Though it’s hard to see in this picture, (for better detail, follow the link) the skirt has a white tribal print. I chose brown braided wedges from DSW for the shoes. I think they add sophistication to the outfit as they are eyecatching but don’t take away  from the beauty of the skirt. Once again, I chose  gold jewelry from Forever 21. The necklace, again not showing up in this picture, is a gold chain with tiny mint and crystal beads (click the link to see in better detail). For this look, I suggest going with a long necklace to add a bit more detail to the shirt. For earrings I picked simple gold circle cutout earrings, and for our arm candy I paired it with a rusty orange and mint studded bracelet.

Outfit #3: Trendy Night In Town

Who knew that a plain white tee could make a killer outfit for a girls’ night out? Well, paired with this turquoise blazer from Charlotte Russe ($37, ignore the printed top under it, that was the only image), I’d say that white tee is going to look pretty good. Again, this summer is all about adding bright pops of color, and what better than a well fitting blazer? Next, I’m adding a black knit bandage skirt from Forever 21 ($20) to show off all those curves. I think correctly paired, such as with a blazer, a bandage skirt can look classy too. To glam up our feet, I picked this double buckled leopard print shoes from Charlotte Russe ($36). This is going to incorporate some pattern into the outfit, since all of our clothing items are pretty plain. For jewelry, I went with all silver this time.  The tribal inspired bib necklace (Forever 21, $7) is going to cover up any of the plain tee still showing under the blazer. This chunky silver ring with turquoise stones and a tribal design (H&M, $6) is gorgeous paired with the silver necklace. I think rings, no matter how tiny, can have a huge difference on an outfit. And to wrap up this one, for our last accessory I picked some geo pressed simple silver bangles (Forever 21, $5)  to add a little something to our arms.

And there you have it, 3 ways to spruce up a plain white tee. I hope you guys enjoyed, and let me know which outfit was your favorite and how you’d style a plain tee!

All collages were made by me, though I do not own images. The images were found at the corresponding links to the item listed in the paragraphs. The plain white tee’s corresponding link is in the second paragraph.

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