Look 4 Less: Demi Lovato LAX Casual

Demi Lovato’s outfit at LAX is a perfect blend of casual, comfortable, and cute.

When I’m on a flight or in an airport, I like my outfit to be as casual and comfortable as possible. I have heard and seen that most people prefer to wear a casual outfit during a plane ride. However, it’s important to remember not to look too sloppy in the flight, because you never know who’s looking at you! I love the casual pieces Demi Lovato picked to wear in LAX, and I think it’s the perfect blend of casual, comfortable, and cute. Keep reading to see how I recreated her look!


Forever 21 crochet top
$18 – forever21.com
Although Demi’s shirt (from Michael Stars) is a little more loose, I thought that this shirt from Forever21 is a pretty good match. A plain white t-shirt is an essential in every woman’s closet, because it is so versatile. This loose flowy style shirt is also perfect for airplane rides because they are incredibly comfortable.

Forever 21 denim shorts
$21 – forever21.com
I’m sure many of you already own a plain pair of denim shorts, so this piece shouldn’t be too difficult to find. Since the top is a plain white one, you can wear any color shorts (maybe even throw in a pop of color)! These light denim shorts are very similar as they also are cuffed and similar in color.

Charlotte Russe high heel
$36 – charlotterusse.com
I really liked the design on Demi’s gladiator heels, so I found these cute heels from Charlotte Russe which also have a design on the front. The design add a little glamour into the outfit. Although these shoes are a little expensive, I don’t think they’re too much in comparison to the rest of the outfit. I approve of Demi’s shoes because they look pretty comfortable—which is very important if you’re running through the airport!

Demi’s shades look like they are Ray-Bans, but of course, that wouldnt really be fit in a look 4 less. These similar looking shades from American Eagle compliment the outfit.

BLUE CROWN Rosary Cross Necklace
$9.99 – tillys.com
Since we have a white t-shirt, any kind of necklace is acceptable for this outfit. I chose one very similar to Demi’s.

Merona Blue Hobo.Opens in a new window

$29.99 – target.com
This is my favorite piece in Demi’s outfit because it is a beautiful pop of color, as the rest of the outfit is pretty neutral. The vibrant color makes it the center of attention in this outfit. Although it’s a bit expensive, I don’t think this outfit would be complete without it.
Choosing an outfit for the airport can sometimes be quite challenging because you can either dress very fancy (if you’re meeting someone) or very casual (perhaps a ride home). I think this outfit, inspired by Demi Lovato, is very comfortable, but yet cute.

Pictures from corresponding websites, collage made by Annabelle with the help of Polyvore.com,   First image of Demi Lovato originally from here.


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