Bright Lip Colors

Around 10 years ago, most of the shades of lipstick were pretty neutral, or shades of red and pink. Recently one of the newest trends in the beauty world is bright lipstick. The lipsticks vary from neons to pastels, but make a person’s lips the center of attention. Keep reading to see celebrities and models wearing bright lip colors, and the variety of colors!

The Celebrities Wearing the Trend


Erin O’Connor wears an extremely bright lipstick, that in my opinion is just TOO bright.

And of course, we can’t forget to include this star in a bright lipstick post!

Neon lipstick

Kesha wears a very vibrant blue lip color

More on the bright lipstick trend…


Bright Neon Lips created by Napoleon Perdis at Magdalena Veleska Spring/Summer 2012/13

When I first saw this, I was mesmerized. I have never seen such a bright pastel yellow on any persons lips. What do you think of this one?

Bright lipsticks are very fun to work with because they can bring a brightness to your face and there are so many colors you can choose. Check out these lipsticks I found that are really bright!

YELLOW from here

ORANGE from here

PINK (on right) from here

PINK (on bottom) from here

Although this bright lipstick trend may be popular, it is not for everyone. What do you think of this bright lipstick trend?

None of these pictures belong to me, they are from here, here, here, and here. The first picture is from here. The list of items are from corresponding websites, but the collage is made by me.

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