Stars & Stripes: Patriotic Nail Designs

Happy July everyone! Welcome to our short and sweet Fourth of July series! First off, we’ve got to get those nails done! I’ve picked out 3 nail art designs so your nails can show some patriotism too! And for those of you who aren’t exactly skilled doing nail art (like myself) I’ve picked an easy one, but for the ones who like a challenge, the picture to the side is definitely one! Keep reading to see my favorite fourth of July nail polishes, and some gorgeous nail art designs!

The Easy: Featuring

Okay, so first off I have this simple polka-dot design for those of us with clumsy hands, like me. Or for the others who like a not-so patriotic design this one can be worn past the holiday.

I think this design is cute and fun, and totally easy to pull off

The colors she used are OPI Perfectly Red, Ulta Snow White, and Sally Hansen Extreme Wear Pacific Blue

Click here for a complete set of instructions. Thank you The Daily Varnish!

The Hard: Featuring

FinishedNext we have a design, which is personally my favorite. I like that it’s not too flashy but still patriotic.

The white is the main color, or the base, which isn’t bold and doesn’t take away from the design.

Add a thin red stripe, and a thin blue stripe to the edge of your nail.

And finally (my favorite part!) add a little star. Won’t all your friends be jealous when you’re watching the fireworks together!

For a complete set of directions, click here. Thank you Esther’s Nail Care!

The Difficult: Featuring

Though this design is definitely gorgeous, I could never pull it off, let alone do it! It’s bold, but I think it’s cute and very patriotic.

I’d be so jealous if someone walked in with this design on their nails. It’s one for the steady hand…

Her red is from Etos (which is a Dutch store), and the others are from China Glaze. The blue is First Mate and the Gold is 2030. I like instead of going with a classic white, she switched it out for a silver, which in this case is Millennium by China Glaze.

Follow this link for a complete tutorial. Thank you Nailside!

My Favorite Patriotic Nail Polishes

What’s your favorite nail polish for the Fourth of July, and let me know if you try out any of these looks! Hope you liked it.

6 thoughts on “Stars & Stripes: Patriotic Nail Designs

  1. The message was peppered with amusing anecdotes from JC’s walk of life. Virtuous Violet is a beautiful midnight mix of a hazy twilight blue and a deep royal purple. All in all, I liked the glitter, and the stars and rhinestones.


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