Stars & Stripes: Day Outfit for Fourth of July

If only we were all cute and tiny enough to fit into this outfit. How adorable is this dress? Anyways, Fourth of July is only two days away… do you have your outfit planned? If you’re like me, a huge procrastinator, then keep reading to find an outfit perfect for the holiday… and one that will actually fit! 

Stars & Stripes Outfit

Striped American Flag Scarf – ($20)
Let’s start off with the center of attention for this outfit. This beautiful american flag scarf from modcloth is wonderful because it let’s you show off your patriotism without getting too carried away. Because of the boldness of the scarf the rest of the outfit is going to be pretty neutral, but if you like an edgier look, feel free to play with more color!

White Crop Top – Forever 21 ($14)
This plain white, loose flowy top is not going to take away any attention away from the top, just give a little accent to it. And to be honest, especially if it’s hot out, you could just wear a plain white (or black) tank instead.

Classic Cuffed Denim Shorts – Forever 21($13)

To keep the outfit fairly simple still, we’re going to choose a plain pair of denim shorts, which you already probably have in your closet. I prefer dark wash, but to be even more vague, any wash will do. A normal pair of navy shorts will also go if it’s too hot or you don’t want to wear denim.

Strappy White Cork Wedge Heels – Charlotte Russe ($33)
Again, like the last two items, you probably have this already. Basically all you need, is a pair of neutral (nude, white, black etc.) shoes. I choose wedges to dress up the outfit a bit more, but flats work just as well. Make sure you’re comfortable!

I decided I was getting sick of the neutral boring colors, so I put one more and final pop of color into purse. Because, again I didn’t want it taking away from the scarf, I wanted it small and a clutch seemed like the perfect choice. This blue color is bright and fun, but for a more daring one keep reading…

Contrast Buckle Clutch – ASOS ($21)
So here’s for the people who want a bolder red white, and blue look. Originally I was just going to put the clutch above in, but when I saw this I couldn’t not put it in!

Sterling Silver Inspirational Strap Bracelet  – Target
Now to add the bling! Any jewelry works, just make sure it doesn’t have much color.  And I would avoid a necklace because you are wearing a scarf. I suggest braclets, and to match the clutch I picked out this silver one from Target.
Hope that helped anyone looking for a cute outfit to show some patriotism! Let me know what you’ll be rocking this fourth of july, and make sure to watch out for additional posts in the Stars & Stripes series!
Collage was made courtesy of Polyvore. Images are found through there, but belong to the corresponding links. The first image is from here.


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