Stars and Stripes: Night Outfit for Fourth of July

In the last post, Meredith showed you a very casual daytime outfit that is great for going to the carnival, or going out with your friends. However, what about a fancy event on 4th of July? Today i’ll show you how you can dress elegantly for a nice dinner on 4th of July, and still show your pride for America. Keep reading for a complete outfit for an elegant 4th of July.

Stars and Stripes: Dressy

Let me just say, I absolutly LOVE this dress. When I looked on the website, it looked amazing on even with no accessories. This is the perfect outfit for 4th of July because it is pretty loose (which makes it comfortable) and the bright red adds an elegance to the outfit. However, if you prefer a black dress, this same dress is available in black.

Dolce Vita navy sandals
I thought navy shoes would really be a good combination with this dress, and it makes the outfit a little more July 4th worthy. I love the straps on these shoes because they look very classy and are just perfect for the summer.

Handbags often decide the mood of the outfit. Since we are looking for a more elegant outfit, I thought a black crossbody would be perfect for the outfit.

The red dress, although beautiful, is very simple. To incorporate a little more blue into the outfit, I picked this gorgeous necklace from J Crew. Since there is no design on the neck area of the dress, this necklace is perfect for the outfit. This navy necklace also goes with the strappy navy shoes.

Forever 21 bangle
To match the black crossbody and also add a little arm candy, I picked this simple bangle. The tribal pattern adds an elegance to the outfit and adds a design to the whole outfit.
This outfit was mostly incorporating red and navy, but to add that little white, I chose this cream colored ring from Urban Outfitters. I love how this looks with the bangle and I think its a very classy piece.
I think this outfit would be perfect for a dinner, a date, or a party. I hope this helped you with any dilemmas on what to wear for the 4th of July, and I wish you all a happy 4th of July!
First picture from here. Others from corresponding websites. Collage created by Annabelle, with the help of


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