Trend 2 Try: Arm Candy

Arm Candy Title #armcandy, #armparty, you’ve seen it all on twitter, instagram, and facebook. Stacking jewelry on your arm is one of the recent trends to hit the female population. You can stack bracelets, wraps, watches, bangles, cuffs, basically anything that goes on your arm. It’s bright and colorful, and there’s virtually no rules at all! The bracelets don’t necessarily need to match, so you can wear a silver watch with a gold chain bracelet and a hot pink wrap around and you’re hosting a party on your arm (that sounds so silly!). All the different colors and patterns are put together to create one giant (or small) splash of color to your outfit. So let’s add a little #armcandy to #bubbly… 


I can pretty much say that wearing a watch in middle school was considered nerdy. Well for those middle school watch wearers, you are quite the trend setter! Watches have become trendy pieces and a perfect base for stacking. There are all kinds of watches, to fit your personality best! Skinny, fat, chunky, white, gold, silver, square, circle, you name it and you can probably find it. Here I have two watches that I’ve been eyeing (too bad they’re a little out of my price range!). The one on the left is by Free People. It has a black band with gold studs, and a gold face. Also, it has a gold chain hook in the back. How cute! You can buy it here for $130, and it also sells in hot pink and brown. The next one is one that tons of people have been wearing, and is probably the most popular watch brand right now. It’s by Michael Kors and is their Runway watch with a 38mm case and in the color rose gold. They have all types of different watches – gold,silver, white, square, circle, chunky, slim – so you can find the one that you like best. This one retails for $250 here. To be honest, you don’t need a fancy brand name watch to make your stacking look nice. As long as it’s cute and fits, that’s all you need


So let’s continue with bangles! These are probably the easiest to stack because they come in sets that are pre-stacked! Just slide a set onto your arm, pair with your favorite watch (or not) and you’re good to go! Now of course, since their are no rules, you don’t have to wear the entire set, or just limit yourself to one set. Feel free to mix and match colors, patterns, sizes for a more unique and interesting look. For example, the ASOS set mixes a coral and a pink with some gold, and plays around with size and shape for a more interesting look that’s sure to add a bright pop to your outfit. You can purchase it here for $10. Also, it’s no longer bad to mix silver and gold, or any metals, just as this Forever 21 set does. It provides a neutral look, that’s still cute,  for a more bright outfit. It retails here for $7.  So don’t be afraid to mix and match sets and play around with what looks best! And when you’ve found the perfect combination,  jingle away!

Spikes & Studs

Do you like an edgier look? Well you can show that through some spike and studded bracelets. These add a fun twist to your arm candy,  and when you’re wearing them, no one better mess with you! I would avoid wearing both spikes and studs at the same time, unless you make sure they are subtle, or only one is very bold. The one from ASOS, which is bold, is really cute and lightweight so it’s easy to wear. I would pair it with some simpler bracelets to soften it up a little bit. The spiked bracelet sells for $9 here. The studded bracelet (which I’m kinda in love with) isn’t as bold, but has a daring edge to it. It’s gold with black detailing, and is stretchy. I would again pair this with some simpler bracelets so this can be the main focal point. It retails here for $16, and also comes in silver and copper. I think studded and spiked bracelets can make an outfit more interesting as long as you don’t go too overboard!


I wasn’t quite sure what to call these bracelets, so I just ended up calling them stacking. Basically, they’re slim, beaded or made with cord, bracelets. I personally love them because they’re colorful and you can mix and match them super easily. The one on the left comes together in a set like that. There’s beaded ones, and ones similar to friendship bracelets, pre-matched for you. Of course, you don’t have to wear them all together, and you can mix and match them with your other bracelets. They retail here at Urban Outfitters, for  $18 and come in 3 other color combinations, each with different charms. The set from jewel mint are delicate yellow, pink, and purple, beaded bracelets with a chain center that sell for $30 here. The yellow and the purple have a gold accent, while the pink has a silver accent. Again, don’t feel like you have to wear them together! The fun in arm candy is mixing and matching.


So you saw chain accents in the Free People watch and the bracelets just mentioned from JewelMint. But what about a bracelet with just a chain design? I think these are so cute and can really add something extra to your arm jewelry. Chain jewelry (yes there are chain necklaces) come in all different sizes and colors. I have this silver imprinted one from here for $8. This is a pretty plain one that go with a lot of combinations, but adds a lot of personality to the set. The imprinted stripes give a little contrast defining the links. On the other hand, we have this colorful pastel one from Asos that retails here for $13. It’s funky and should definitely be the main bracelet in your combination. I suggest pairing it with more neutral colored bracelets. Chain bracelets aren’t as bold as studs and spikes, but still ad a little something to an outfit.

Chunky Bracelets

Lastly, we have chunky bracelets. I find these a little harder to pair with jewelry and not make your wrist too crowded. What I’ve realized is that you can’t have a watch, a chunky piece of jewelry and numerous smaller ones — it just overwhelms your wrist. I suggest just wearing a watch and a chunky bracelet. Maybe, if it’s the right combination, you can add in one slim beaded bracelet. Otherwise, replace the watch with you’re chunky bracelet of choice. The one on the right is a pretty simple white one from Target that sells for $17 here. This would be one where I wouldn’t wear a watch, I rather would pair it with some slim colorful beaded bracelets for a fun pop of color. On the other hand (not literally, lol) I would wear the Forever 21 bracelet (selling here for $9) with just a gold watch. It’s a pretty bracelet, that’s a statement piece itself, so all you would need is a gold watch to accent it. You don’t want to overcrowd the arm.

What I love about stacking so much, is that you can mix and match and create totally different looks each time! There are virtually no rules, but there are a few tips you might want to watch out for. Don’t pile on too many spikes and studs at once, don’t overcrowd the arm, and most importantly don’t be afraid to play with color, size, and shape! After all, that’s what creates amazing arm candy!

Hope you enjoyed, and send me pictures of your #armcandy at, or on instagram: @hashtagbubbly, or just comment with your favorite pieces!

First image is from here, edited on Polyvore. All other collages are made Polyvore, the images are from the corresponding link.


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