DIY: 3 Ways to turn a t-shirt into a bag!

We all have t-shirts that are just too dirty, too small, or too big. But instead of throwing them away, how about turning them into a bag? Today, I’ll introduce you to three ways you can turn your old tshirt into something magical. Keep reading to see 3 easy DIYs on how to reconstruct that old top.

#1 (easy): Simply-Sew Bag

 ….you will need a t-shirt, scissors, and sewing materials(machine or hand)

 This is probably the easiest t-shirt bag because you simply cut off the sleeves and create a bigger gap where you put your head through, and then sow the bottom! That’s it! If you have a sowing machine, this is incredibly easy. If you don’t happen to have one, it’s still easy to make this t-shirt because pretty much any stitch would work. If you’re concerned about the strength of the bag, simply sow the bottom a few times. Thank you Motley Mama for the wonderful idea! Click her name to get to the full tutorial!

Don’t want to sew?  Take the easy way and instead of sewing the bottom, take your scissors and cut multiple strips into the bottom of the tshirt. Then, tie two strips tightly and keep knotting the strips until you have no more single strips. You should end up with a fringe bag!

#2 (also easy): No-sew Simple Bag

….you will need a t-shirt and scissors

Some of you may feel that this tutorial is even easier than the first, and I can understand why. In this tutorial you also cut off the sleeves and head opening. Then, you have to do some cutting and soon you will end up with a cute little circle bottom. This bag is a little more shapely than the other because of its bottom portion.

No-Sew T-shirt Bags!

The Bottom of DIY #2

Find the complete tutorial here. It looks difficult, but is actually very easy to do and requires little materials.

#3 (hard): Knit Produce Bag

….you will need a t-shirt, scissors, sewing materials, and a ruler

I wouldn’t really say this tutorial is especially difficult, but it is the most difficult out of all the three DIYs. However, it is absolutely adorable and very patterned. Although similier to the other DIYs, this one requires a lot more cutting.

Thank you Delia Creates for this wonderful tutorial. Click on her name for the DIY. This bag can be used for produce, slippers, and pretty much whatever you want!

I hope you all have fun trying out these DIYs, and I hope that they are a big success! At least try it out, and tell me how it goes! 

First picture from here, but edited by Annabelle. Collage made by Annabelle, with pictures from corresponding websites . All other pictures from corresponding websites.


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