Look 4 Less: Victoria Justice MTV Awards

Victoria Justice dresses 2012 MTV Movie Awards

Victoria Justice MTV Movie Awards 2012

You guys have hard me say over and over and over again, how bright pops of color are very in this season. Well, clearly Victoria Justice knows this as she rocked a gorgeous outfit at the MTV Movie Awards this year. If you notice, the yellow skirt adds a nice bright color to an otherwise neutral outfit. She matched the skirt with a white top, and black accessories. She’s put it together very carefully, so that instead of turning out to look like a bumblebee, she gives off a very effortless but pretty appearance. It’s very casual, and makes her seem down to earth. One thing I really like about this look, is that it’s so easy for anyone to pull off!  The pieces she used are flattering on any body type, because she brings everything together with a big black belt, making the waist seem smaller. The black heels elongate the legs, and the asymmetric top is good for people who are conscious about broad shoulders, or for those who don’t like to wear strapless, and you can keep cool in it.  I’ve put together a very similar outfit, for probably a much cheaper price, so you can wear this gorgeous outfit this summer! Keep reading for this look 4 less…

Look 4 Less

One Shoulder White Dress – Charlotte Russe ($30)
As I’ve cleverly hid in the collage above, but you can see in the picture to the left, I cheated and used a dress instead of  a top. But, let me explain! You’d be surprised how hard it is to find a white top that is plain and form fitting, had one shoulder and a decent price. I also didn’t want a lot of design, since the skirt is a bit patterned. When I saw this, I figured it was perfect, because even though it’s a dress, it’s very form fitting and short, so it can be a top, but then be a slip for the skirt as well. The cutout in the back was a cute detail, making the dress perfect.

Yellow Lace Skirt – Forever 21 ($16)

I found this gorgeous yellow lace skirt at Forever 21, and thought perfect. It’s obviously not the same as Victoria Justice’s, but I think it’ll make the outfit just as cute! As you know lace is very in this year also. Victoria’s top has ruffles, so it’s okay to have a plain flowy skirt, but instead I decided to use this lace skirt, and have a plain top.

Strappy Sandals – UrbanOG ($27)
I like that she kept it plain, but fancy for the shoes because it dressed up the outfit, but didn’t take away from the skirt. Black heels, strappy or not, are a must in every girl’s closet, so you can pick whatever black heel (flats, or wedge) from your closet. Just make sure it’s somewhat plain

Leather Handbag – H&M ($20)
I was so happy when I saw this on the H&M website, because as far as I can tell, it looks like the exact one Victoria has. That makes me love her even more, that she can totally make an H&M bag look really fancy. The picture you see has a chain strap on it, but these are usually removable, or can be tucked inside the bag.

Black Beaded Wrap Bracelet – Max & Chloe ($34)
For her arm candy, she just wore a simple black beaded wrap bracelet. To tell you the truth, this made me so frustrated, because I had seen one very similar to this just yesterday when I was doing my arm candy post. I couldn’t find it after a while of searching, so I settled on this one. Yes, I know it’s kind of expensive, but I have two justifications. First off, you can buy cheaper versions on Amazon for half the price. And Secondly, buying this is actually a good investment because a black wrap bracelet can go with so many different outfits, and is a really good piece for stacking. I can tell you now that you’re going to get a lot of wear out of it.

Crystal Teardrop Earrings – Forever 21 ($9)
You can’t really see Victoria’s Earrings in the picture, but I see a little bit of sparkle. I decided to go with just some plain sparkly teardrop earrings, cause you can’t go wrong.

Black Rhinestone Studded Pyramid Ring – Forever 21 ($5)
Again, you can’t see in this picture very well, but Victoria is wearing a black ring. I looked at quite a few pictures, and I couldn’t see the exact design, except that it was chunky. I picked out this ring because it was black and chunky, and it also matched the earrings because of the tiny gold crystal detailing.

Big Black Belt – Forever 21 ($7)
Lastly, to bring the entire outfit together, just cinch in your waist with your favorite big black belt. All done!
Now that we have the outfit, just pair it with some tousled waves, a pink lip, flushed cheeks and a nice big smile. Let me know if you recreate this look!
Victoria Justice image from here. Collage was made through Polyvore, the images belong to the corresponding links.


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