How to: Ombre Nails

Ombre has made an appearance everywhere. From shirts, to pants, to hair, and to nails, people really seem to love the new ombre trend. Today i’ll show you how you can transform your nails into a beautiful ombre design. Although they look extremely complicated and extravagant, you will be surprised how easy it is to paint you nails with  beautiful ombre design. Keep reading to see how you can DIY ombre nails!

I decided to go for a pink ombre look, and I was very happy with the end result. Although I settled for 2 shades of pink, I have seen many different ombre color combinations, from blue to green or red to yellow. I wanted my ombre nail look to be more like a gradient and so i picked two shades of pink. 

You will need….two nail polish colors, a top/base coat, and a paper towel (or a sponge)

Let’s begin……

1. Begin by painting your entire nail with the lighter color. This will serve as the base. Since my nail polish wasn’t very opaque, I chose to paint two coats of my Milani Light Pink nail polish.
2. After the base has finished drying, apply a line of the darker nail polish.

3. Now, begin to smudge the darker nail polish downwards towards the cuticle with the paper towel. Simply take your paper towel and dab the dark nail polish downwards. Be careful not to smudge your whole nail. Smudge the dark nail polish through about 3/4  of your nail. You should still be able to see the light pink at the bottom.

4. After you are done smudging the dark nail polish, apply another line of dark nail polish to the tip of your nail. We do this so the top will look dark pink while the bottom looks light.

5. Now, all you have to do is make your nail look more neat and ombre. I took some pink nail polish and applied a little near the cuticle. Then, I smudged the pink nail polish (with the paper towel) upwards. The middle of the nail should be ‘blurry’, so there is no distinct line.

End result: After playing around and smudging as much as your please, your nail should look like a fade of pink. Finish off with a top coat and your ombre look is complete!

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial, and I hope it worked out well for you. If you don’t get it right the first time, don’t worry! Just keep trying! Comment below and tell me what colors you used!

All pictures belong to Annabelle, any use of pictures without permission is not prohibited.

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