Neon Nail Polishes

Now, who doesn’t like a cute manicure (or pedicure) in the summer. I’m a huge fan of teals, corals, and mints for this season, in fact I’m wearing a teal shade right now. But this year, if you didn’t know, is all about the brights! So what better way to add a little pop of color to your outfit than on your nails. I have 3 tutorials for you today , from a subtle pop of color on your nails, all the way to marbled neon  nails! Keep reading for instructions and my favorite neon nail polishes this summer…

The Beautiful: Featuring Beauty Tutorials!

First we have this absolutely adorable polka dot french manicure. It’s simple to do and provides a tiny pop of color that will make you smile.

Just start of with two coats of your favorite white nail polish (mine’s Alpine Snow by OPI).

Next using a toothpick (or a pointed Q-tip like in the picture) take your first color and dot even dots at the very tip of your nail. Make sure the dots are all the same size for a polished look.

Repeat this step with the rest of the nails. You can use the same color, do a repeating pattern of colors, or choose all different colors.

Lastly, finish off with a top coat so it won’t chip away!

There are your gorgeous nails, with a subtle twist. I absolutely love this manicure, and can’t wait to try it out! For a bolder look, you can always inverse the two colors. Coat your nail with the colored polish, and then add white dots to the tip of your nail.

Checkout this page for a full set of instructions. Thank you!

The Bold: Featuring 

This one is a little (maybe a lot ) more intense than the other one, but I think it’s still really cute, if you have the skill to do it! In her post, she makes it look so easy, but… I guess if you have a steady hand than maybe.
First she suggest painting your nails with a base coat, and then one coat of a white nail polish. The white is going to make the neon pop more, and also is going to make the design easier and last longer since you don’t need to do two coats of the actual design.
Then slowly using a super thin brush, paint on different shapes using different colors. If we’re looking at her first finger, she first painted the diagonal line of the coral and then filled it in. She continued in this manner with the pink, yellow, blue and lastly the orangish color.
To finish it off, she emphasized the different shapes with black lines
To see how she did it, and for more detailed instructions click here. Thank you Kayla Shevonne!


The Bright: Featuring

Color Club Psychedelic Scene

How gorgeous is this nail design! Sure it’s bright, and since this is the only season you could pull it off I say go for it! The technique used is called water marbling, and it’s actual pretty simple once you get the hang of it.
If you’re not quite sure how to water marble, I’m thinking of doing a post sometime on it, but I’ll give a quick description here.
Basically, what you do is take a warm cup of water (the water has to be warm to hot so the nail polish won’t freeze), and place a drop of nail polish in the center. You will see it slowly spread and then you quickly place a different color in there. Keep going until you’ve placed numerous colors, and then take a q-tip to create a design by dragging the q-tip from the outer edge to the center in different spots. Then place your nail onto the design and gently lift up. Because there are so many variables (temperature, time, nail polish thickness/dryness) it’ll be a bit tough at first, but if you keep trying you’ll get the hang of it!
Anyways, you’re basically doing that with your favorite neon nail polishes in this tutorial.
Click here to see more info and the colors she used. Thank you Nail Nerd!

Other Neon Nail Designs

Neon Nail PolishesSpeaking of favorite neon  polishes, here are mine! I absolutely love the colors from the American Apparel line. I think they’re gorgeous, and they’re pretty neon too! They’re not that pricey, selling at $6. They come in more colors than shown here. I think there’s a neon pink, neon red, and neon coral. You can purchase them here.I hope you enjoyed, and that this post inspired you to add a little pop of color to your nails! Let me know if you are going to try any of these or which one was your favorite. Also, are you liking the neon trend?

All images part of tutorials are from their corresponding sources. The ‘Other Neon Nail Designs’ images are from here. The American Apparel image was created by me using Polyvore, but the images are owned by American Apparel. The first image corresponds to  the matching tutorial where the image is repeated.

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