Miranda Cosgrove Premier Outfit

Miranda Cosgrove at the premier of “Cloud With a Chance of Meatballs”

In everyday fashion, many of us choose to pick many pieces and put them together to make a complete outfit. However, it’s important to remember that you don’t need much to look good. What i’m saying is that if you only wear few pieces (ex. shirt, jeans, necklace), you can make your outfit look however you want by pairing the correct pieces together. Don’t believe me? Take a look at Miranda Cosgrove’s premier outfit. Although she only has four major pieces, her whole outfit looked gorgeous and acceptable for a premier of a major movie. Keep reading to see how she paired her different pieces, and read how you can get this look without spending too much money!

Miranda Cosgrove Premier Outfit

Charlotte Russe corset top– $30
When I first looked at Miranda’s top, I immediately knew I HAD to find a tank top that also had a zip. Although the top I found was like leather, it still goes with the outfit without looking too edgy. Although leather-like pieces of clothing can be a little intimidating, pairing it with a feminine piece can even out the outfit. If you feel it’s too expensive, simply find a plain black tank to pair with the outfit!

Forever 21 skirt-$16
I must say, I am so happy I found this skirt that looks so similar to Miranda’s! Although the print is a little different, the color is almost the same and the length too. This skirt (and the one Miranda wore) creates an illusion of an hourglass figure without being too dramatic. In fact, i’m actually thinking of going an buying this skirt because it’s so pretty and only $16!

Forever 21 heel sandals– $35
Miranda’s strappy heels were very pretty, but I thought these heels were extremely elegant. The heels also make your legs look longer and you will be sure to get compliments with these!

Forever 21 rhinestone ring-$3.80
Miranda’s ring was quite a mystery, because I could barely see them! I decided to pair the outfit with this silver black stone ring from Forever21 because I thought the silver and the blue and black (from the rest of the outfit) really work well. I also loved the amazing price of these!
I hope you enjoyed today’s Look 4 Less, and I hope you got some ideas on how to work with some pieces in you closet. Have a wonderful day!
First picture from here. Pictures from corresponding webites. Collage created by Annabelle, with help from Polyvore.com



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