What’s In My Purse?

Now, I don’t know about you, but I’m a pretty nosy person, and I love to see what’s in other people’s purses. It’s kinda odd (and maybe illegal) to rifle through people’s bags and their belongings, but the ever-so wonderful Internet has provided a way for people to show what they want to show from their bags. So here I am, showing you guys all the junk in my purse! Keep reading for a full set of details on the bag, and all the stuff inside….

My bag is from TJ Maxx, which I totally recommend for inexpensive bags that are good quality, and that probably not a lot of other people will have. They might not be this season’s style but for a simple bag that goes with anything (which is what I wanted, and what I got) it’s totally the place to go. I got this cute crossbody there, designed by Nine West, for $16. It’s a silver metallic color, but the shade tends to vary depending on the light. The top kinda bends down to button, but also has a zipper. When you unbutton the top there is a little pocket (which is where I keep my phone), and then you unzip the main compartment to expose a the big section and then a small inner pocket. It’s big enough to store all necessities, but small enough that you can just throw it over your shoulder and it won’t weigh you down. It’s perfect for shopping, eating out, or for the movies.


What's In My Purse?

  • Basics – Of course, if you’re a teen living in the 21st century, it’s hard to go anywhere without you’re little baby, and by that I mean your phone. Carrying my phone was pretty much one of the first reasons I got a purse because sometimes those cute shorts just don’t come with pockets. Since I have an iPhone, I tend to bring along headphones as well because if  it’s a long car drive (or my little brother decides to talk and talk) I can shove them in my ears and play some music. Next it’s my wallet, which is from Fossil. I got it last year so I’m not sure if it still retails,  but it’s the Weekender print if you’re wondering. Inside I store my ID, Money, Change, Library Cards, Club Cards, Coupons, Recepits, and my house key.
  • Food – Obviously, gum and mints aren’t food, but they’re great for a quick pick me up when the grocery shopping never seems to end. Sometimes I might stick a Luna Bar in my bag, but that’s usually only if I’m spending the entire day out of the house.
  • Hair– Now I love storing things in my purse in little pouches because it keeps the big pocket of the purse super organized. I have a small little pouch for hair ties, bobby pins, and sometimes a cloth headband for those times when I need to get my hair out of my face.
  • Beauty – Again, in a little pouch I have the beauty things that I find I’ll need most during the day. My hand sanitizer is from Bath & Body Works, and I keep it just in case my hands need quick cleaning and there isn’t a restroom nearby. I keep lotion (from Bath & Body Works) as well, mainly for my hands, but also for any other dry areas. Lastly, some lip products. I have a lip balm from EOS that I find I always need as my lips tend to chap really easily, and then a lipgloss as lip products tend to wear off the fastest.

These are the things I carry all the time, but here’s stuff I might carry sometimes:

  • Sunglasses – they tend to give me a headache if I wear them too long, so typically I just keep them in the car, but I might throw it in my purse for a really sunny day.
  • Walking Pharmacy (Band-Aids/Feminine Products/ Neosporin/ Tylenol) – These are things that are a good idea to have, but sometimes just don’t have space for. I typically keep the first two in my bag at all times, just because there good in an emergency.
  • Bobby Pins – These come in handy for zipper that breaks on a skirt, or a broken bra strap.
  • Granola Bars- Again, if I’m out all day I’ll probably throw in a Luna Bar.
  • Concealer, Mascara, Lipstick, Spot Treatment – just random beauty things you might need.

That’s it! Let me know what things must be in your purse before you leave the house, and what you’re favorite style of purse is!


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